Research House by UEGroup, a research and design firm based in San Jose CA, recruits participants to take part in research studies and focus groups locally in our Willow Glen office, Nationwide, and Internationally. 

By filling out the following questionnaire, your information will be added to or updated in our database and we will contact you to participate in research studies you may be qualified for. We are looking for a variety of users, so please answer the questions honestly.

UEGroup has been conducting research since 2001 and has grown into two participant facing platforms, Research House and youXtools. Through Research House you can participate in remote and in-person studies paying an average of $100 for an hour of your time. And through youXtools you can participate in shorter studies remotely online and via mobile phone paying an average of $25 for twenty minutes of your time.
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Please Note: Participants with complete profiles have a greater priority in participation. The more complete your profile, the more likely you are to be chosen to participate. In addition, participants with an incomplete profile are more likely to receive more emails due to the lack of information provided upfront to help us filter.

The information you provide us is for our research purposes only and will never be sold, shared, or otherwise distributed.
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