During our crowd-funding campaign, we are giving "perks" of 1,000 OmniCoins per US Dollar (or the equivalent in Bitcoins) donated.

Follow the instructions below to donate Bitcoins to our crowd-funding campaign. When OmniCoin and OmniBazaar launch, we will contact you with instructions on how to download and install the OmniCoin wallets and receive your OmniCoin "perks". Note: This registration process also subscribes you to our mailing list, so that we can keep you updated on our progress.

Step 1: Donate Bitcoins to the following address:  1ALViBXF4CAnxcMHcJsej3GrgCPWpAmyXo

Step 2: Complete the registration form below, INCLUDING the transaction ID of your donation.

Step 3: Click "Subscribe" to register your donation.

Step 4: Check your email, and confirm your registration.

IMPORTANT: You must complete ALL of these steps in order to receive OmniCoins as "perks" for your donation. Otherwise, we won't be able to contact you are and know the amount of your donation.

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