Thank you for joining the Advanced Reader Team!

I'm really excited about this. I'm aiming for the next book launch to be at the end of this year, maybe December. Just insert your email address below and you'll be added to the list.  A few housekeeping items:

(1) As a thank you, you will receive a free copy of Provoke Not The Children to download now. This has been updated with a sneak preview of The Civility Code.

(2) I will follow up with you closer to launch to make sure the Advance Reader Program will work with your schedule. Although this is super important, I don't want anyone to stress. This should be a lot of fun.

(3) I will send instructions for any type of device that you want to read the book on, so don't worry about that.

(4) I'll set up a raffle to raffle off the free, autographed copies. You'll automatically be entered. 

(5) As part of this group, you're probably more interested in the business-side or writing-side of being an author than the email list group, in general. If you have any questions or topic you want me to write about, let me know and I will either address it in The Monthly Takeaway, or I will write a post specially for the Advance Reader Team

Thank you so much!   Michael
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